Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pop up card for my nephew!

I found the tutorial for this on the Split Coast Stampers website, here is the link: Free StandingPop-Up Card

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ceramics with my Cricut!!

I hand pinched this bowl using stoneware clay, then pushed the cricut cuts into clay (just used printer paper and light pressure to cut) and then painted slip over top. After the slip was dry i pulled the paper off and revealed the design below. I have pics of the paper masks before slip was applied, after pulling the paper off, and the final bowl after glazing and firing! The uses for our Cricuts are literally endless, best money I ever spent!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

As usual I haven't posted in a while...

I have been busy, though! I guess with being a mommy and going to school and Jason having 3 jobs it is hard enough to find time to craft let alone blog about it! :) Here's a few pics of what I have done lately. My husband got a new toy and I wanted to make him a custom case/stand and to protect the investment. I found a tutorial for an iPod/iPad case and used the instructions provided to adapt it for other devices. I decided to use the measurements of the device in the rubber case so he didn't have to put it on and take it off all the time. The tutorial was from Made By Marzipan
and it is so cool! I used a John Deere fabric that I had originally bought to make him a scrub top but, I thought this was a worthy alternative! :) If you like it make sure you check out the Made By Marzipan site for this and all of the other awesome tutorials she has there!
I also used my cricut to cut some paper stencils to use as masks while doing slip work in my pottery class and it worked like a charm! I used black slip over a stoneware hand pinched bowl interior. I plan to use a clear glaze and after it is fired it should be black and white and glossy! Can't wait to see it finished!
I crocheted this baby cocoon for my new baby cousin Aubrey Dawn! :) I just love how it turned out, I wish I could have taken some pics of her in it but, I don't live near her and didn't get to give it to her in person!
My Gramma has had some unfortunate health issues and has had to give up her independence. She had her 80th birthday shortly after getting out of the hospital and moving into a nursing home. I wanted to give her something handmade and to remind her how important she is to us...this is what I came up with!