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My First Art Journal Page: In Loving Memory of Barbara Jean Carlson

My Ex-Mother-In-Law Barb, or my "outlaw" (how she referred to herself), passed away on March 9th. She was such a fabulously beautiful woman inside and out. She was a woman of contradictions. She was really sweet, open, warm, petite and beautiful, but seemingly ten feet tall and so strong when she needed to be, feisty, sarcastic, smart, courageous, and witty...the list could go on and on. She will be missed by many as she was the type of person that left an impression and to those who were fortunate enough to get to know her she truly is unforgettable.   She may be gone but she will not be forgotten, she will live on in the memories of many. The funeral is tomorrow and I wanted to spend some time with my memories of her and make something special to celebrate those memories and her life and the end of her suffering. Rest In Peace, Barb, my outlaw.

I have wanted to try art journalling for a long time but, just haven't made time. I put off starting just like I kept thinkin…