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Pocket Fold invites

My fiance and I are financing our own wedding on a shoestring budget. I wanted these type invites but, can't find anything for sale that is both affordable and nice looking. I was feeling intimidated by the prospect of designing on my gypsy but, today I had a lightbulb go off...i don't need my cricut at all for the folder. I did use it for 1 1/2" (bottom-black) and 1 1/4" (middle-red) circles and the 1.31" scallop circle monogram from Gypsy font (I think...maybe Tie the Knot-gypsy and carts are downstairs so can't check just now). Outer folder is 4" W x 12" L so can get 3 to a 12x12 page. Belly band is 1" W x 8'1/2" L. The writing inside is computer generated and i just folded a couple pieces of paper to stick in inner pocket to get the approx width for belly bands. i just have to look up sizes for small rsvp response envelopes so i know what size to make inserts. Thanks for looking!!

iLearn Shirt

I am an older than "average" full-time student and stay at home mom, my fiance works full-time, goes to school full-time, and helps A LOT with the baby and the housework when I am at school or studying! We don't do daycare so sometimes we can get pretty frazzled! I thought this would be a fun shirt and a maybe it would be a reminder that it is all worthwhile (at least i hope! lol).

Used freezer paper of course with the design flipped. I think I used Plantin on this one...not 100% sure? Used Black soft tulip paint for first 2 coats then did 2 thin coats of tulip clear glitter paint...the sparkle is sooo pretty against the black!! Wish you could see it in real life, the pics don't do the sparkle justice! lol

Retirement gift and card

I made these for my fiance to bring to work to give to his buddy who is retiring after tonight. my fiance works in a hospital overnight and this guy was one of the few other men that work there now it's just Jay and 1 other guy and all the female nurses. He is pretty bummed that his coffee buddy is leaving! lol I designed all and cut using my gypsy! Used Plantin for wording on sucker boquet and squares for card, wild card font for wording on card, indie art for guitar, tags bags boxes and more nut cup cut for pot. suckers are stuck into styrofoam ball and wide silver shiny ribbon wrapped around the ball. I used thinner silver ribbon for bow. I did cut the bottom of the ball so it would be level and not tippy!! I love how it turned out and am sort of sad to see it go! lol