I have been on a christmas craft mission! lol I made all of the gifts for my parents, siblings, and neices, and nephews! I have been having so much fun playing with some new toys I got for Chrismas! My favorite is SCAL 2 for my Mac and second is my new Bind It All! How fun it is to make professional looking word books using both! Now that the gifts are made I can start making some fun things for our family and for my daughter's room! I can't wait! Well, here are pics of everything I have worked on up until now! I did make some homemade chocolate covered pretzels and bag toppers for the treat bags but, am waiting to assemble them!! Now all I need is for the weather to cooperate so we can actually make the 3 hour trip to our family's christmas! It is looking less and less likely that that will happen as the forcast is calling for 14 inches of snow or more!


  1. Hi i'm Jamie .. I followed you over from the Cricut board and OH my gosh you have a busy christmas bee.... I love everything. mind if i add you?

  2. Hi, Jamie! By all means your welcome to add me! lol Thanks for your kind words! I have been busy! lol Took my last final last Thursday and started crafting on Friday...barely stopped for 5 days! lol Hope you had a Happy Holiday! I am going to go check out your blog! Bye!

  3. awesome work....you were busy!!! I LOVE making the post-it-holders.


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