Hannah Montana-Girls Rock Step Stool

This was sooo much fun to do! My daughter is almost ready to potty train and will need a stool to reach the sink to wash her hands and to get on the potty so I picked the stool up at M's and when I went to design it I thought I would do something that would appeal to her beyond her toddler years so, it might be a bit "grown up" for her now at 19 mos but, maybe not!? She got a guitar for christmas that is the same color as the stool so, she can sit on it to play that, too! lol Anyway....here's the pics!

(oh by the way...I used spray paint for the pink and after i took the pics I sprayed a clear indoor/outdoor protective finish so it will be safe in the bathroom! lol)


  1. OMGOSH this is sooo adorable!!!

  2. awe this step stool is so cute! I love the pink and the design you've chosen. Great Job!



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