iLearn Shirt

I am an older than "average" full-time student and stay at home mom, my fiance works full-time, goes to school full-time, and helps A LOT with the baby and the housework when I am at school or studying! We don't do daycare so sometimes we can get pretty frazzled! I thought this would be a fun shirt and a maybe it would be a reminder that it is all worthwhile (at least i hope! lol).

Used freezer paper of course with the design flipped. I think I used Plantin on this one...not 100% sure? Used Black soft tulip paint for first 2 coats then did 2 thin coats of tulip clear glitter paint...the sparkle is sooo pretty against the black!! Wish you could see it in real life, the pics don't do the sparkle justice! lol


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