Wedding Madness has officially ended!!

I got married on July 10th and have done nothing but craft for the showers, ceremony, and reception since March!! I did my own invites (which was the last time I posted - way back in April....eek!!), programs, favor boxes, floral swags for head table, and flowers for guest tables, card sets in boxes for prizes at the showers and for the hosts at each, and Thank you cards are getting finished up now and will be out by next week! it's time to play catch up!

First, I could KICK myself for not getting in on the Circle Charter membership and going to CHA in Chicago when I had the chance!!! A gift of an Imagine?? Oh, man...did I miss out!! lol Oh, well, I just couldn't fork over that money with my wedding looming!! lol I will save money in the long run since I won't pay for travel and hotel to get there!! lol

Second, I joined weight watchers last April after we got our engagement pics from the photographer both my fiance and I were horrified! Its amazing how a picture can shatter your illusions (or maybe delusions) about your weight so quickly!! Anyway, thanks to the Hungry Girl Cookbooks and Weight Watchers I have lost 30+ lbs and my husband (<--still sounds funny to me to say that lol) has lost 40+ to date!! I can honestly say that we rarely feel like we are dieting! The Hungry Girl Cookbooks are a MUST HAVE!! I can't recommend them enough! I will admit that most aren't suitable for my little one's tastes but, unless I want to try to lose weight eating hot dogs, mac & cheese, raisins, and chocolate milk, nothing would be!!! lol

Anyway...I hope to get some posts on here with the things I did for the wedding and maybe a few wedding pics ~ just because I love them :) lol ~ and hopefully a few fun things I manage to do before I have to go back to school at the end of the month!! Quite a laundry list, I know, we'll see what I get done!! lol

I hope everyone has had a happy and scrappy summer!! I am sad to see it go, but I will welcome some down time : ) !!!


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