Michaels Clearance bins-50 cent deals!!

I was at Michaels back in mid-September and found packs of pretty file folders, journals, and notpads w/a magnet on the back which all coordinated together, and then there were packs of 4x4 coaster with the corners rounded. I got them home and got to thinking I needed a thank you gift for two of my Gramma's friends who gave us VERY generous wedding gifts so, I had wanted to do something extra special for them, and then a gift for my Mom for her birthday!

The coaster sets had 8 coasters per pack, i used 4 per book, so for $1.00, I made 4 books!! A quarter a piece, can't beat that!! lol Each pack of file folder had 4 tabbed folders floral on the outside and a solid color on the inside (one pack gold and the other pink). I made jr. legal pad folios out of them. So, for $1.00 I can make 8 folios, about 13 cents a peice, WOW!! lol

I used a strip that was cut away making the folio to adhere to the top of the notebooks to coordinate them as well with the folio. I really love these projects, they are cute AND economical! :) Let me know what you think! :)

I will make another post with some recipes and directions for the individual projects! Have a HAPPY WEEKEND!!



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